Trip to Yelagiri hills 2018 2019

Trip to Yelagiri hills 2018 2019

About yelagiri

Yelagiri is a hill station in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Built in 1964, the hilltop Velavan Temple is a colorful Murugan temple with views of the valley below. The Jalagamparai Waterfalls crash into a swimming hole surrounded by trails and picnic spots. Nearby is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Close to artificial Punganur Lake, the Nature Park has a garden and an aquarium, with fish and tortoises.

Best time to visit Yelagiri

December and January are the best time to visit yelagiri with average temperature of 20degree(Min 15degree – Max 23degree)

We had visited yelagiri during 2018 December with temperature around, make sure to check weather and temperature in before planning.


Yelagiri hills images and photos.

All images and photos are taken by us on December 30 2018.


Who can visit?

Families with kids age less than 10 can enjoy some games and pleasant climate.

People who needs 1 or 2 days relaxation from their hectic work schedule can reach out to this spot.

Trekking in yelagiri

Swamimalai hills Trekking was banned in Yelagiri when we visited in 2018 December.

But we tried trekking during 2014 in Yelagiri. Any one with basic fitness can try this trekking may take around 3 hrs for uphill and 2 hrs for downhill.

Beginners can start their trekking without any hours of planning just 4km easy level.


Tips before travelling to yelagiri

ATM machine – We found only one ATM machine with long queue. Most of the shop didnt accept card payment. So have enough cash in hand for the trip.

Petrol pump – We never got a sight of a petrol on the hill. Have enough fuel before driving uphills.

Hotels – Do not expect much facilities.


Yelagiri resorts

If you are looking for best hotel than prefer Sterling resort with swimming pool and it is best for families.

We stayed in Rhythms Lake view resorts (actually you can’t see lake from inside the hotel) it was build on the side of the lake but a road and trees will block your view, dining area and outer space was pleasant but rooms were small and not clean and we found lot of naphthalene balls in all places and it gave a bathroom ambiance.


Yelagiri to chennai

By Car

230km drive which may take around 5hrs to reach (3 tolls approx.)

By Bus

By Train


Yelagiri sightseeing

There are around 15 hairpin bends and you can park your vechile in few spot for mountain view.

Places you can visit in Yelagiri

1. Nature park

2. Murugan temple

3. Punganur lake boating

4. Fundera park

5. Adventure park

6. Ropes and knots adventure valley

7. thrill valley

8. slingshot yelagiri

9. funville yelagiri


Yelagiri nature park

Nice place to sit and relax, big enough to spend about 1 or 2 hours. When we visited the same park in 2014 we saw nothing except some grass land.  But during this visit (2018 December) they have landscaped the entire space to attract people including dancing fountain (opens only by 6:30PM), rose garden, bamboo house, beautiful flower garden and artificial water fall.

Entry fee :

15 INR per adult

10 INR per children

10 INR per camera

20 INR for parking 4 wheeler


Punganur lake boating Yelagiri

This place situated in the opposite lane to the Yelagiri Nature park. In that lane you can witness an array of variety of shops including a nursery, fruit shops, roadside hotels. You can also see 7D theatre and another thrill park.

Entrance fee

10 INR per head(adults)

5 INR per head(kids)

Punganoor lake is a small lake. It has three entrance. It has a footpath around with benches. Foot path around wasnt well maintained. But the main entrance has a park and festival games for kids. With tea shops and snacks bar, it is a nice place to relax with ok maintenance

Boating was just an amazing experience.

Boating fee

50 INR per head ( rowing boat)

For pedaling boat – 200 INR per boat – Its the same for 2-4 members for 30 mins.


Fundera park yelagiri

Best place in yelagiri. Do not miss it.

The admission fees may seem quite high, but its worth to spend there.

Entry fee

300 INR per head (adult)

150 INR per head (kids)

Combo fee

450 INR per head (adult)- fish spa, carnival games, mini golf

250 INR per head (kids)

You can see lot of animals and birds like rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, chicks, cows, donkeys and dogs.. They allow you to touch and play with them.

You can also find many breeds of chickens, sparrows and ostriches.

The aviary was a unique experience with a good range of parrots, etc. We are allowed to feed the birds on our own when they sit on our hands or shoulders.

Kids can enjoy pony ride.

Fish spa, 7D theater, mini golf court and carnival games like bow and arrow, basket ball.

You can spend around 4-5 hrs with kids here.

Unique collection of parrots and the whole place is well managed and neat!

Ropes and knots adventure valley

You will see lot of ads for it in Yelagiri, Have it as your last option to visit. Price looks too high when compared with others. They have only 4-5 kids games. So we avoided it. If any one visited and please comment your view.




Chennai to Yelagiri tour package

Do not book any packages to visit Yelagiri, it is a small tourist place and you can cover it by yourself in a day or two max.

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