Neelakurinchi flower in Munnar | Neelakurinchi Season in Munnar

Neelakurinchi flower in Munnar | Neelakurinchi Season in Munnar

Neelakurinji flower is one of the infrequent plants among the other plant which is bloom around the world. What makes Neelakurinji flower a peculiar thing which happend during our lifespan, It is rare one and  grows mainly in the shola grasslands of the Western Ghats in India.

Neelakurinchi plant has unique branches and blue flowers bloom in a cluster and is a magnificent visual treat for the eye. There are around 40 varieties of flowers are readily making blue blanketing the whole mountains.

Neelakurinji season in munnar

The light blue color of the plant turns becomes purple bluish according to the timelapse. This unique plant is located around the valleys of Munnar in Idukki district of Kerala. Munnar is a very romantic also misty hill station and a major tourist attraction in India.

Neelakurinji season in Munnar:

Neelakurinji Blossoms seasons around the August to November. In furthermore the catchy blooming is around the end of September else beginning of October month.

A huge flock of tourists from every corner around the world having keen attention in 2006 while this flower was bloomed in Munnar. About ten lakh tourist visited Munnar in that season.

Why you must visit:

You might be surprised by this fact. Remember that you got only 6 out of 9 chances in your whole life to see this kind of things to be happening.

While you miss every blossoms time, you are losing one of the best scenes in life.

The altitudes about 1600 mts above sea level in Munnar land surface creates a perfect ambiance for Neelakurinji flowers to bloom and survive.

Some few Neelakurinji plants that bloom in different periods in Munnar but they bloom in a cluster only in 12 years.

Kerala government will be enlightened the season of Neelakurinji, make this occasion more sophisticated for the tourists for the high range to have a glimpse of the precious flower.

If you visit first time for seeing that wonder then I suggesting you the best view of the Neelakurinji bloom can be witnessed at places like Kovilur, Rajamalai, Kadavari and of course the Eravikulam National Park.

So mark up the date with your cameras and video stands and get ready for amazing ‘selfies’ that surely will stunned the world!

Nearby Attractions:

There is more Nature waiting for welcome you aside from blue blanket blooms, Lets change the colour Nearby you can enjoy the beautiful greenish tea plantations, and Milky waterfalls, Darkest forests with wildlife animals like Nilgiri Tahr, endangered mountain goat, endemic to these hills rise your heartbeat to the thrill of your expedition.and birds which will be making Munnar more interesting and improve the cuteness of Munnar.

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