Munnar climate forecasting

Munnar climate forecasting

For its pleasing climate along with nature, Munnar remains a perfect destination for optimizing your curiosity about nature throughout the year. Even though Munnar has various faces of weather condition for making visitors happy. Here is some bunch of data for you for planning your holiday accordingly.

Months between December to February belong to winter climate. This one for people to watch Munnar with pleasant weather. During this climate minimum temperature slash about10ºC. This season is for do adventures activities like rock climbing, trekking and rappelling. Also, enjoy with a campfire. And Munnar suggests you, Don’t forget to bring your sweaters along with you. 

munnar climate in winter

Between March to May is belongs to summer climate in Munnar. During this weather condition and temperatures range between 19ºC and 35ºC. Summer in Munnar is about to enjoy some sightseeing activities. where you can visit tea estates. Carry light cotton, Munner suggest you bring your umbrella because of rain showers on its bucket list during the summer months. 

munnar climate in summer

June to September this is about monsoon climate in Munnar and so-called rain haters mostly avoid to make trip during the monsoons, this is a great time to visit the hill station if you’re looking for a quiet vacation. Covered with lush green foliage, monsoons in Munnar have a charm of their own. This is also a great time to enjoy discounts on hotel tariffs and enjoy Munnar all to yourself, do remember to carry an umbrella or raincoat along.  

munnar climate in rain

This following report is about average weather condition in Munnar during day and night.

It is not matter with which season you are planning to visit. Munnar, with its highest tea plantations, mesmerizing waterfalls, alluring terrain plays the perfect host to its visitors every time. However, if you are looking for a quiet vacation, you may have to visit it off-season.

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