Misplanned Honeymoon Lead us to Munnar

Misplanned Honeymoon Lead us to Munnar

To all who very close to their marriage and to became a married guy, plan your honeymoon and book your tickets first. After the wedding, there will be an unending drama which is followed by monotonous routine daily life. you won’t be able to find a perfect holiday to travel to your dream destination. It so happened in my life.

Before the wedding, we use to discuss hours and then something or other we’ll end up in two different countries. Finally, the big day came, and then a never-ending trip to temples, native villages, and relatives & friends’ place. And after a month we sat down to discuss again honeymoon and it was on the same we found out that I was pregnant with Ms.T. So we immediately booked tickets to Mauritius to travel within that week in order not to miss our honeymoon to find something bad. Our family didn’t allow us out since I was 40 days pregnant and asked us to postpone our trip to the second trimester. So we paid the additional charges to postpone the entire honeymoon trip.

Similarly, three months went past, we didn’t travel at all. I was too sick with my morning sickness and puking the whole day in and out. So slowly my health was getting much better and I entered my 18 weeks. That was the time my hubby came up with an idea of going to Munnar before our planned “MAURITIUS” trip. So we left to Munnar immediately in two days.

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