4D/ 3N trip to Munnar

4D/ 3N trip to Munnar

Looking on how to plan for any trip?

  • Decide with whom are you travelling, place to travel, number of days and mode of transport.
  • Plan the dates.
  • Book the tickets and hotels for stay.
  • Based on the co travelers choose the areas/places/location you want to visit in and around that location.
  • Surf the net for the sight seeing options and make a checklist/ itinerary.
  • Then pack your backpacks.

We, two decided to travel for 4D/3N trip to Munnar.  We decided to travel from chennai to Cochin by flight. And from Cochin to Munnar we pre-booked self driven rental car. To tour in and around munnar we hired bike to connect with the nature and enjoy the weather.

We traveled in the end of June, the weather was pleasant with slight drizzling. There wasn’t mist due to intermittent showers. It is a quiet location to travel with your loved ones.

Day 1: Off to Munnar

We left to Cochin from Chennai in the early morning flight. Had a delicious idli sambhar for breakfast inside the Airport. And picked our rental car and drove to Munnar. We tasted local delicacies on our way towards Munnar. We stopped by the waterfalls on the way and clicked pictures. Since we took our own sweet time to drive forward, we reached the hotel by 4pm. Checked in and refreshed. We booked our hotel in the city centre so that we could spend sometime walking around the local markets. So in the late evening we went around the city and had dinner.

Day 2: Koviloor and Top station

After sumptuous breakfast, we hired bike for next two days and headed straight towards Top station. It was  a total of 35km ride.  From top station, we traveled the path least traveled by the visitors of Munnar. We went to Koviloor, a beautiful village situated in amidst the mountains. To reach Koviloor we need to travel in the dense reserved forest via Koviloor road for which we need either permission or need to mention the purpose of our travel. The road to Kovilor has a breathtaking view with tall gigantic trees and a stream by the roadside. It is a narrow road of 9km which takes a step much more closer to nature. In Koviloor village we can find a scenary of terrace farming of various veggies and fruits like cabbage,  cauliflower, beans, carrot, strawberries etc. We can find local farmers selling the fresh goods from farm to shop. We brought some succulent strawberries and homemade strawberry jam. As we spoke to the local farmer, we also had a chance to pluck the strawberries from the plant. The strawberries bought here where so much different to the boxed ones we get in market. The strawberries were fresh and juicy and we can store it more than a day. Then we returned to Top station had late lunch. Later we went to the top station view point clicked some pictures of  Western Ghats hills from there. That was the ending point of trekkers from Kurangani to Munnar. So we could go in the same path down till certain point. We didn’t walk much, we walked till the area where lay tents during camps. On the way we had some yummilicious quail eggs and with some hot maggi with fresh veggies and came back to room to have good night sleep.

Day 3: Eravikulam National Park and Shopping

On the day 3, we headed to Eravikulam National Park which was 20km from our place of stay. It took about an hour to reach. Once we reached there, to travel from entry to park, we need to travel by the park’s bus. It was a long queue in there. We had to wait for 45-50 minutes. The bus took through a narrow road in a tea garden and dropped us in a drop point which is 4km from the entry. We had a cafe and a museum about the national park. From the drop gate we were allowed to walk to view point , this was more of a walking trail and we caught a glimpse of few endangered nilgiri Tahr (mountain goat)  sightings. The walk was good with very good view points with lush green mountains. From there again we need to walk down to the drop point and again waited for 15 minutes for the bus to take us to entrance. While returning to Munnar my hubby had some sudden thought of taking me to Devikulam that day and started towards Devikulam with the help of Google maps. Know what we were stranded somewhere in the middle of a tea garden. We could see nothing but tea plantation all over. Trust me, dont ask for Google assistant use the traditional method of asking the locals or looking for  sign boards. After getting stranded there, we cancelled that plan and enjoyed the view there. And initiated our search for a place to pluck some cardamom, pepper and coffee beans and located that. A nd pluck few of them. And then returned the bike and strolled around the town to buy some local souvenirs and goods.

Day 4: Back to Cochin

On the final day, we started driving back to Cochin. On the way we got down in a shop to buy some tea tree oil, tea and coffee. In that shop they had the garden with varied types of herbal  trees and plants with which the


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